The objectives of this project were to investigate relevant physical and chemical properties of novel and existing organic materials and their practical applications to sustainable technologies related to renewable energies and to different areas of industry such as electronics, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health sciences. The environmental impact of some of these compounds was also evaluated using predictive equations developed during this project.

Accordingly the research objectives were structured in four research tasks:

1. BIOANTIOX -Bio-based Products for Fighting Oxidative Processes

2. NANODEL - Smart Nanosystems for Controlled Delivery

3. FUNCOAT -Functional Nanocoatings

4. MENERG -Materials for Energy Production, Storage and Transport

aiming at the development of:

i) Biobased antioxidants to be used either as additives or for health application in the prevention and/or therapy of oxidative stress-related diseases;

ii) Different nano-structured systems for the loading, transport and smart delivery of biomolecules;

iii) Functional nanocoatings aimed at modifying the surface of materials resulting in highly advanced materials with specific functions;

iv) Highly efficient energy production, involving semiconductors synthesized by organic matter and bio-fuels, as well as developing transport and storage materials and devices.

The present report accounts for the activities and results obtained in each individual task