The members of CIQUP have established a large number of national and transnational collaborations, both inside and outside Europe. Such outreaching links stem from the Unit skills and are strengthened by a continued scientific exchange either on an individual basis or by joint networks and R&D projects. These links endow the Unit with an international dimension that helps to project externally its contributions to the research fields described in the Thematic Lines. The research results of such international cooperation are reflected in co-authored scientific publications and communications in conferences and other events. Moreover, all Unit groups have been actively involved as organizers/co-organizers of several international conferences. Furthermore, CIQUP members participate in international networks such as ITN, Cost Actions (EXIL,MUTALIG), transnational (NOVOMAR, CVMAR+) and ERA-net programs (M-Era-Net NOVTINALTIBEST). 

The participation in the latter programs, in the domain of Marine resources, allowed to increase our interaction with cross border and other European industries. It is CIQUP aim to convert most of the existing and new collaborations on successful research projects and to continue the efforts to participate in other international research and training networks.

Finally, the international recognition of CIQUP and their members is also translated in the number of members that participate in editorial boards of reputed international journals as well as editors of books.

International Networks