The CIQUP strategic plan offers a sound and broad range of opportunities for advanced training of human resources within the R&D framework. CIQUP members have been actively involved in post-graduate training at Master and PhD levels as part of their daily strive on education and research. The wealth of specialized or interdisciplinary research projects, the established Lab facilities and the continuous investment in students and collaborators recruitment, offer altogether large opportunities for advanced training within the R&D Unit. The organization of short advanced courses, hands-on workshops and seminar series further increase the offer for human resource training. In this framework, CIQUP PhD integrated members have been actively involved in the supervision of a significant number of Master and PhD theses in Portugal and abroad and hence the sustained increase of this number is expected.

CIQUP strongly fosters postgraduation studies, contributing for PhD & MSc programs in physical, analytical, materials and medicinal chemistry. The next charts presents completed and ongoing thesis during perios 2013-2017

Chart with completed theis

Chart with ongoiong theis

In addition, CIQUP is an active participant in Erasmus Mundus International Master Course SERPCHEM, organized by UP jointly with Univ. of Paris-Sud (France), Univ. of Genova (Italy) and Univ. of Poznan (Poland).

CIQUP members also participate at all levels of education and training through Lifelong Learning Programmes, e.g. Erasmus Plus and Leonard da Vinci, contributing to the Bologna process in the field of higher education.