Board of Direction

Fernanda Borges,  Associate Professor  (RG1);
Manuel João Monte,  Associate Professor  (RG2);
Luís Belchior Santos,  Associate Professor  (RG3);
António Fernando Silva,  Full Professor  (RG4);
João Paiva,  Associated Professor  (RG5);

External Advisory Board 

Alexey Kornyshev
Imperial College London - England

Eugenio Uriarte Villares
University of Santiago de Compostela - Spain
Kenneth Kroenlein
NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology - USA

Former members

Prof. Ron Weir
Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Royal Military College of Canada - Canada

Prof. José Elguero
Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences and Instituto de Química Médica, Madrid - Spain

Prof. David Schiffrin
Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool (UK), later replaced by Prof. Alexei Kornyshev Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London, - UK


Administrative Management

CIQUP operates inside the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto that is the host institution. Therefore, two services are provided by the Faculty support for the management activities: 

  1. The Human Resources Office that deals with the administrative procedures related to researchers and grants holders; and 
  2. The Service of Procurement and Acquisitions, that makes the financial reporting and verify the compliance with current legal regulations of acquisition of public goods and services, missions and other expenses. 

Moreover, Carla Castro is an administrative technician of the Faculty of Sciences, partially resourced by CIQUP, who is in charge of collecting organized information concerning the Unit. Additionally, she is responsible for cooperating with the central services during the acquisition processes (compliance with the public acquisition rules to which CIQUP is obliged) and for supporting researchers with specific projects regulations.